Veterinary Physiotherapy aims to treat a wide range of conditions by relieving pain, aiding the healing process and restoring function and mobility.  It can be used as a preventative measure to minimise risk of injury as well as longer term care for more elderly animals to maintain or improve their quality of life. This is achieved by treating the animal as a whole rather than treating the condition therefore ensuring any secondary compensatory issues are also treated.

Some of the key benefits of physiotherapy:

  • Reduce pain
  • Improve gait
  • Maintain or improve joint range of motion
  • Restore normal mobility and function
  • Increase flexibility
  • Maintain and/or improve muscle strength
  • Treat neurological conditions
  • Improve proprioception and sensory awareness

All sessions involve an assessment of the animal, including gait analysis and palpation followed by appropriate manual therapy, electrotherapy treatment and exercise prescription.  Sessions usually take place at the animal’s home/yard and can vary in length from 1-2 hours.


Treatments offered include:

Manual therapy –

  • Massage
  • Trigger point release
  • Cryotherapy
  • Thermotherapy

Electrotherapies –

  1. Pulse Magnetic Field Therapy
    • Uses dynamic magnets and a pulsed current to alter/restore the cell’s resting potential.  Various beneficial effects include:
      • Reduces inflammation
      • Fracture repair
      • Pain control
      • Nerve regeneration
      • Reduces muscle spasm
      • Enhances ligament and tendon repair
      • Increases circulation
  2. Phototherapy
    • Uses blue, visible red or infrared light to alter the chemical structure of the cells within the tissue. Benefits include:
      • Blue
        • Kills bacteria
        • Infected/dirty wounds
        • Gingivitis
      • Visible Red/Infrared
        • Enhances wound repair
        • Aids healing of tendons and ligaments
        • Reduces muscle spasms
        • Treats trigger points
        • Increases circulation
  3. Therapeutic ultrasound
    • Uses sound waves to penetrate soft tissue. Benefits include:
      • Reduces scar tissue
      • Aids tendon and ligament healing
      • Enhances collagen production
      • Aids correct alignment of collagen fibres
    • Uses small electrical currents. Used for:
      • Pain control
      • Stimulation of muscles to increase muscle mass

Exercise Prescription

  • Home exercise plans


Consent from your veterinary surgeon is required before any sessions can be carried out and I will work closely with your vet to provide the best treatment possible.

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